08 December 2006

Welcome To My World

...and welcome to I Own A Blog.

As the blog heading would indicate, I am indeed 50 years old and a journalism grad student. If you are very clever, or perhaps just not brain dead, you'll be able to figure out which school I am attending just by looking at the title of this blog

Blogging has been my hobby for about a year now, but my other blogs are newsy and political in nature. (You can see them if you look to your right and click on the links.) I'll let my thoughts and moods dictate where this blog is going.

For starters, here are a few things that have brought a smile to my face recently:
1. My wife and kids
2. Dick Cheney suffering the slings and arrows of his political "allies" because his gay daughter is pregnant
3. Donald Rumsfeld getting the boot
4. The Christmas light display in our front yard
5. Listening to my daughter sing as she goes around the house. She has a beautiful voice, but is too shy to share it with others
6. Reading my wife's wonderful prose in the magazine she produces every month (see link to the right)
7. The Ohio State football Buckeyes on the brink of another national championship
8. The fact that I, very recently, made it to age 50 with many more ups than downs during the first 50 years

Things that have pissed me off lately:
1. Dick Cheney's daughter having to suffer the vitriol of her father's political "allies" just because of who she is.
2. Last night's Cleveland Browns' game.
3. George Bush still trying to pretend he's changing strategy in Iraq while obviously trying to blow off strong suggestions that he do so.
4. The Cleveland Browns in general
5. A head and chest cold that has lasted for about three weeks now ... and counting.

Well, the good seems to outweigh the bad, so I guess I'll quit while I'm ahead.

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